Nicki Newell Art

Wistful A5 Art Print

This dreamy A5 Matte Illustration Print (148mm x 210mm or ~6” x 8”) is titled "Wistful" and features a small female character of mine sitting and reflecting atop a mushroom cap. This cottage core surreal mushroom illustration was made when I felt a mix of emotions while reflecting on my year and looking ahead at what might await me. Mushrooms are often featured in my work, for me, they symbolize the ending of something and changing into something new and beautiful, a bittersweet mourning almost.
This print would be a perfect addition to a gallery wall, a gift for a friend or loved one, or an addition to any cottage core collection.

This is printed on heavy 250-300 gsm matte fine art paper. If the print is purchased alone it will be sent in a C5 envelope with some thin cardboard to help prevent bending. Free shipping for standard 2nd class domestic shipping, faster shipping, and tracked options are available.

I get my prints and envelopes from Print.Work. If you would like to get your printed need met feel free to check them out through my affiliate link!