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Sprout - Mushroom Art Doll

Sprout - Mushroom Art Doll
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Meet Sprout the Mushroom lad!
Sprout is a handmade and stitched mushroom art doll, made from linen fabric and toy stuffing. His mushroom cap was painted with watercolor and embroidered. He has been sprayed with a protective layer of UV Fabric Spray but best to keep him out of direct sunlight to avoid fading on his cap.

Sprout is one of a kind, there is none other like him. Though there may be other mushroom people I make they will look different from him and will not have the same cap design.

-Sprout stands about 13 cm tall (5.5 inches) and 9cm wide (3.5 inches).
-He is not posable and cannot stand on his own, but his legs tend to support his weight when propped against something. The best place for him would be on a shelf or desk where he can lounge against a wall, bookend, pencil holder, or desktop monitor.

Sprout is a curious little fellow and one of the few mushroom men to sprout little legs. His cute little legs have allowed him to explore and prance around, visiting new mushroom villages and frolicking with faeries.

This little mushroom art doll can be yours if you adopt him today!

*This piece is made for display and not as a children's toy.