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Pip - Mushroom Art Doll

Pip - Mushroom Art Doll
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Meet Pip of the mushroom folk!
Sprout was handmade and stitched from 100% linen. His mushroom cap was painted with acrylic paint and embroidered.

Pip is similar to their brother Sprout but unlike Sprout is slightly bigger and doesn't have legs. Because he doesn't have legs, Pip has been stuck next to his tree and his friends for most of his life. He is so excited about a new adventure and a change of scenery he'll get to experience in his forever home.
-Pip stands about 6x4.8 inches or 15 cm tall with a cap width of 12cm.
-He is not posable and cannot stand on his own, but his stalk can support his weight when propped against something. The best place for him would be on a shelf or desk where he can lounge against a wall, bookend, pencil holder, or desktop monitor.
-Pip has been sprayed with a protective layer of UV Fabric Spray but best to keep him out of direct sunlight to avoid fading on his cap.

This little mushroom art doll can be yours if you adopt him today!

*This piece is made for display and not as a children's toy.