Nicki Newell Art
£3.00 - £5.00

Free Palestine Sticker

Every purchase of this Free Palestine Sticker donates £2 (at least) to the UNRWA relief fund for Gaza.

I designed this image of the Palestinian Sunbird and red poppy for a creative protest that I hosted with two other artists (@Lacelit and @Mehaelani.and.back on IG) and at the suggestion of a friend decided to turn it into a sticker. You can get two stickers for £5 which will save you a bit and £3 will be donated. This will allow you to get a sticker for yourself and have a sticker to give to a friend or stick in a public place to start a conversation/raise awareness for Palestine.

I will be happy to send you proof of donation if you would like, just email me at [email protected]
I will make donations at the end of the week on Fridays to give time for a few stickers to sell and thus make bigger donations rather than multiple small ones.