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Dunne - The Fawn Forest Spirit

Dunne - The Fawn Forest Spirit
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One-of-a-kind mixed media needle felted art doll.
Meet Dunne (pronounced "Doon") the fawn forest spirit. Dunne is a bit shy but curious and now that spring has sprung they can be seen at the edge of the forest tending to the moss and polypore mushrooms (which have also taken residence on the spirit's back). If you're really lucky on a beautiful cool spring morning and the dew and morning mist ar juest starting to fade away in the soft sunlight, you might spot little Dunne braving a trek out into the meadow to pick some wildflower and dandelions for tea.

This little forest spirit sits about 17cm (6.5 inches) high, 10 cm wide (4 inches).

Dunne is a little mixed media and OOAK needle-felted art doll. This little doll has a wire armature for some stability, and button joints at the arms that make the arms slightly moveable. I hand-made this doll from polymer clay and wool. The polymer clay bit has been painted and covered in a protective varnish. This art doll is made of wool and should be kept away from velcro or other abrasive materials to ensure the long life of the piece. The best home for this little guy is on a shelf or desk. He has been sprayed with a UV protective coating to help keep him from fading and to keep dust at bay. If he does get a little dusty you can use some cello / scotch or masking tape (that has been stuck to the back of your hand first to reduce the stickiness) to gently remove dust. You can also try using a vacuum nozzle that has been covered with a thin nylon stocking to suck up the dust but not losen any of the fibers.

*This piece is made for display, it is a collector's item and is not a children's toy.

Are you interested in a custom art doll or a little nature spirit? Send me a message here or on IG (@nickinewellart) and we can talk about pricing!