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"Cerulean Gold" - 6 Inch Hoop / 15cm Abstract Embroidery Hoop

"Cerulean Gold" - 6 Inch Hoop / 15cm Abstract Embroidery Hoop
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This piece is titled "Cerulean Gold." To me, this piece embodies peace, tranquility, and meditative movement. I sewed the linen on top of the pain swatch and wanted to play with the ebb and flow of blending the edge of the linen into the rest of the piece.

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This mixed media embroidery is bound in a 6-inch/15cm hoop and stitched on unbleached canvas that has been painted on with high-quality watercolor inks and collaged with light blue linen. It has been sprayed with a protective coating to prevent fading and reduce dust accumulation but to avoid fading please keep it out of direct sunlight. The back of the hoop has been closed with soft flannel fabric.